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He is inspired by things, creatures, and nature that he sees in his dreams, and expresses his own view of life in his works.  Basically, I have a colorful world view. Through her works, she hopes to bring peace to the hearts of people around the world and make them feel love.

That is the reason why I live as an artist.


▶︎2017 Graduated from Vantan Design Institute Tokyo, Fashion Design Department

▶︎2017- Active as a graphic designer.

▶︎2020 Exhibition at the Winter Art Festival (graphics).

▶︎2021- Start working as an independent artist.

▶︎2021 Exhibition at IndependentTokyo2021 organized by Tagbort.

Preparing for the exhibition "Preface l 2022" organized by GALLERY ART POINT in January 2022.


Click here if you would like a work for Taiki

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