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Daisuke Inomoto

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The connection between people.
As we move from the past to the present to the future, we unconsciously pass by many people. In such casual daily life, we happen to meet people at the same time and space.

As we get to know each other and communicate with each other, we may find common acquaintances.

If you happen to meet someone at the same time or space, and you hit it off and communicate with them, you may find that you have a common acquaintance, or that you are connected to an important family member or friend.

It's a blessing to be able to connect with people from all over the world. I convey the importance of communication and express it in paintings using letters and words. In the world, there is still a lot of discrimination due to differences in skin color and conflicts due to differences in culture and ideology. I sincerely hope that we can come closer to each other, understand each other, and stop fighting.

The work, "OKAERI," which is permanently displayed at the main entrance of Kimpton Shinjuku Tokyo, contains the names of 198 countries and regions, words of thanks and welcome from various countries, expressions of relaxation with precious family and friends, and signatures of all the people involved in the project. It is inscribed with the signatures of all the people involved in the project, making it a work filled with feelings.

He is currently working on custom paintings for canvas and sneakers, as well as brand collaborations, live painting, and mural painting.


He is also active in brand collaboration, live painting, and mural painting.

In the future, he plans to hold various sessions with overseas djembe players and fire performers.







▶ ︎ Solo Exhibition / "Breath of Letters" the bridge (Oita)

▶ ︎Special Exhibition / "Word Gift Exhibition" the bridge (Oita)

▶ ︎ Solo Exhibition / "KOTOTAMA" J-LABO Brooklyn (USA)

▶ ︎Globus Washitsu (USA)

▶ ︎Exhibition of works / Sushi of Gari (USA)

▶ ︎Solo Exhibition / Embassy of Japan in the United States JICC (USA)

▶ ︎ Solo Exhibition / St. Petersburg University (USA)

▶ ︎Group Exhibition / Safety Harbor Museum (USA)

▶ ︎Video appearance / Dentsu (Tokyo)

▶ ︎Daisho Kiyoshi / Liverrain Hall (Fukuoka)

▶ ︎Dazaifu Tenmangu Shrine (Fukuoka)

▶ ︎Dunedin Fine Art Center (USA)

▶ ︎ Group Exhibition / "East meets West" Safety Harbor Museum (USA)

▶ ︎Daisho Kiyoshi / Times Square (USA)
▶ ︎Title / Kataro Imamura Special Performance "Dojoji" (Fukuoka)

▶ ︎Title / Akihiro Nishino Solo Concert 2015 in Hibiya Public Hall (Tokyo)

▶ ︎Daisho Kiyoshi / Hilton Fukuoka Sea Hawk (Fukuoka)

▶ ︎Dedication / Aratate Shrine (Miyazaki)

▶ ︎Dedication / Enoshima Shrine (Kanagawa)

▶ ︎Title / Akihiro Nishino Solo Concert 2016 (Tokyo)

▶ ︎Dedication / Ikushimatarushima Shrine (Nagano)

▶ ︎Daisho Kiyoshi / Tokyo American Club (Tokyo)

▶ ︎Gift / Cartier (Tokyo / UK)

▶ ︎Daisho Kiyoshi / Kyushu International Tourist Plaza (Fukuoka)

▶ ︎Group Exhibition / East meets West Lee Palatner Museum (USA)

▶ ︎Special Exhibition / J + B DEISGN New York (USA)

▶ ︎Special Exhibition / OSSAM Gallery NewYork Special Exhibition (USA)

▶ ︎Special Exhibition / "Paradise Found" Lee Paratner Museum (USA)

▶ ︎Daisho Kiyoshi / Taizo-in (Kyoto)

▶ ︎Daisho Kiyoshi / International Peace Film Festival (Kanagawa)

▶ ︎Dedication / Fukuoka Prefecture Gokoku Shrine (Fukuoka)

▶ ︎Award / Metropolitan Empire Award (USA)

▶ ︎ Group Exhibition / "ZeN" Warabino Chabo (Fukuoka)

▶ ︎ Solo Exhibition / "Connection" Gallery Bettei (Oita)

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