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Join ART ME! and make the Japanese art industry more exciting with us! :)

Thank you for visiting this page.

My name is Kensuke Wada and I am the CEO of REM, Inc., which runs ART ME! business.
I would like to briefly explain how we started this service.

I have lived in Germany for about 6 years, have studied psychology at the local University and have worked for company as a bank clerk.

At that time, I had many friends who were not only company workers but also artists.
I had a chance to spend time with them and we had a lot of fun! 

After returning to Japan in 2020 and meeting our Japanese artists, I witnessed the current situation of artists in Japan.

The situation is that it is very hard for talented artists to earn money and provide for their families just by art activities.
In addition, I noticed that the amount of art
in everyday life in Japan is overwhelmingly scarce, that is why I decided to start this business.

Currently, there are many business companies that claim to "support artists".
It feels strange to me why they claim to "support artists" if in reality artists are the ones who support those companies

by creating amazing art works.

Therefore, in our company, we would like to "co-create" art works with you in order to make the Japanese art industry more exciting!

If you are interested in this business, please feel free to contact us.
If you would like to hear more before registering, please feel free to contact us too.
Whether it's tea or online call, we are always happy to chat! :) 


Join ART ME!

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